About Me

An enduring love of Michelangelo has inspired me to paint the relaxed, classical stances in oil on canvas. In my struggle to be worthy of an exhibition of my own, I discovered the contouring effect best described the third dimension for me and imparts a modern experience to the viewer. My focus is squarely on the human form with zero interference from the background. I am fascinated by the variations of the body from person to person and my goal is to show the subject their own beauty.


I live in Brisbane, Australia and prefer to meet my subjects. I do take photos for reference (to be disposed of later) as well as do rough sketches to position the subject. The process initially can take several hours with follow up sessions if required. The choices of colours and size of canvas are up to the subject and will influence the cost. If you are daring enough to want a tasteful nude painting of yourself or you would like a portrait in my style you can contact me.